Sorensen Dressage

Wacky Nut Farm Bainbridge Island, Washington

Donida, Donida, Whidbey, oh my!

Three for three in May!

Catalina and I started our show season with a dry run at Donida's schooling show earlier this month.  After a winter of tinkering and hard work, Catalina was so happy to be out showing again!  It's always a pleasure to do a schooling show in the sunshine!  

The following weekend, we went back to Donida for the real deal!

2-2, 63.6% and 2-3 65.1%

2-2 65.7% and 2-3 65.0%

But we aren't done!  The following weekend, Jo and Cris made their 3rd level debut at Whidbey Equestrian Center's schooling show.  They won both of their classes with a 64.7% and a 67.3%!!!!  It made me so incredibly happy to watch Cris do what he does off!!!  Jo had a blast and is eagerly making plans for their next shows.

That's just what I love about showing, both for myself and my students!  While we all strive to improve and have fun doing it, showing also gives a rider a sense of measurement towards their goals.  Nothing feels quite as good as accomplishing those big and little goals we have along the way!!  Between show #1 and show #2, Catalina made major upgrades to her weak points.  Now just a couple of weeks later, those weaker spots are nearly highlights!  Jo had the same experience with Cris in the week leading up to their show.  A new focus and polishing details makes all the difference!

It's great to see the dressage community in the PNW is alive and well!  All of the shows this month were well organized, peaceful, and, by some miracle, had beautiful weather!