Sorensen Dressage

Wacky Nut Farm Bainbridge Island, Washington

Dressage at Devonwood

Wow, wow, wow!  

After some 4th of July *ahem* shenanigans, I wasn't sure that Catalina would be ready for the jump up to first level at Devonwood.  Time off right before a show certainly isn't ideal, but I was encouraged by her gradual, daily improvement.  By the time we got to the Thursday before the show, we hopped off the fence...she was ready to go!  There wasn't anything in the first level tests that she didn't know, so I'd just have to rely on that training and hope for the best!  Worst case, we'd go see Devonwood, get into all of the arenas, and not show.  

We spent Friday driving to the show (read: in traffic), so scratched our Friday afternoon classes.  I was really happy with a light ride on Friday night.  Devonwood is beautiful, the show staff and volunteers were all exceptionally helpful and friendly, and Catalina was all business...ready to show!!!

Which test is first??? Let's go!!

Saturday and Sunday, we had two classes, 1-2 and 1-3.  Sometimes, riding a test feels like the goal.  Like the end of result of weeks, months, and years of hard work.  For me, the tests over the weekend were great, but even better, I had a happy, sound, and eager horse.  She grazed, she walked on the buckle, she drank buckets and buckets of water, she went anywhere and everywhere on the show grounds, she stood like a statue during a dust devil that picked up anything not nailed down.  She also happened to do 4 tests, qualified for championships and got great feedback from top level judges.  We have our homework to do between now at the ODS championship in September at Training and First Level.  Back to Devonwood...I can't wait!!

Kitty is all business!  Photo by Mary Cornelius

Kitty is all business!  Photo by Mary Cornelius

Sometimes, shows come easily, but this one definitely took a village!!  The support I had from everyone on the Wacky Nut Farm team was fantastic, realistic, and encouraging.  Kitty and I are proud to represent the farm.  Thank you!!