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Wacky Nut Farm Bainbridge Island, Washington

As they say, it's about the journey.  The training process from starting new under saddle through the levels to FEI is endlessly fascinating and never, ever boring.  Each horse has its own strengths and weaknesses, so the path for each one will look different.  It's such a pleasure to be able to create this partnership and trust with a horse and show them the joy of dressage.  The horses on this page are "my" horses.  They're the ones that came into my life and there was no saying, "no."   

Catalina, "Kitty"

2006 Hanoverian Mare by Contucci out of Prizm (Pik Solo), bred by Susan Tusnadi

Purchased by Emily in September 2013

Even before I rode Kitty, I knew she would be a really cool horse to work with.  She's incredibly sensible and intelligent, emotional and sensitive...all wrapped in a beautifully  athletic package.  She's one of the most naturally talented horses I've ever had the pleasure to ride and will undoubtedly be a force in the FEI ring.

2018 4th level debut-67.6%

2015 USDF Region 6 2nd level Championship-3rd, 69.2%

2015 Northwest Dressage Championship-5th, 69.1%

Spring 2016

At Wacky Nut Farm, Early 2016


Cristiano "Cris"

1998 Half-Andalusian gelding by Indiano XVIII out of Christiana (Conquistador-HOLST), bred by Cadenced Farm Sporthorses and Gremlan Farm

Showing PSG in Woodside, CA




Competition Highlights:

20065th CDS Junior Championships 4th Level

1st CDS Junior Championships 4th Level Team

8th USDF Year End Awards Adult Amateur 4th level

June 2007: Both Emily and Cris' FEI debut, showing Intermediare I with a score of 66.5%

2008: Shown PSG to help Emily earn her last scores for her USDF Silver Medal



1999 Dutch gelding by Juventus out of Zayada (Formateur), bred by Lee and Wendy Brown

In a lesson with Sandy Howard



2005 CDS Junior Championships 
    High Score 1st Level Team Championship

    3rd Place-1st Level Team Championship
    4th Place-1st Level Championship
2005 USDF Region 7 Championship
    5th Place-1st Level Jr/YR
2005 USDF Year End Awards
    13th Place- 1st Level Jr/YR (67.175% median score for 2005!)

2008 FEI Debut with a 62.25% at I-1

2009 Shown extensively at PSG with scores to 68%

Final salute of the 2015 season!  3rd place USDF Region 6 Second Level Open

Devonwood Sept 2015


Cris was my first horse.  I had my parents convinced that, after leasing horses for several years, that the horse bug wasn't going away.  I was 14 years old when we bought Cris and he wasn't yet 2 years old.  What we lacked in years, we made up for in really, really wanting to do this dressage thing together.  I rode and trained him myself with the guidance of Sandy Howard.  We showed very successfully through I-1 and we had all of the Grand Prix movements in our catalog, too.  

Showing I-1 at American Sporthorse in CA

Purchased by Emily in 2000.  Shown through I-1 with a median score of 66%, schooling all Grand Prix

Sold to Jo Wallace March 2013 

Cristiano and Emily, Midsummer's Night Dressage, Watsonville, CA 2007 Photo: Jonna Lorenz


Purchased by Emily as a 4 year old, shown through I-1, schooling all Grand Prix

Sadly passed away November 3, 2009.  

Syrano was a little powerhouse.  It took him a long time to mature, but he never had a phase felt weak or out of balance.  In a lot of ways, he was opposite to Cris, which made having them at the same time invaluable to my learning as a rider and trainer.   Every stride he took was massive, had suspension, and took me a long time to learn how to sit!  I owe him a lot for being a cheerful little buddy and teaching me to ropes of how to ride a big moving warmblood.

On the search for cows to chase...a multi-talented FEI horse!

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